Awesome Column On How To Break Into The Comic Book Industry

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Jeremy Holt column “Strange Love” is a revealing and inspiring look at what it takes to break into the comics industry. Here’s the last bit form part six:

Pitching is very much its own art form, which requires dedicating time and energy to honing the craft. Each time you do it, only helps inform your decision making the next time around. This journey is part of the process and a healthy amount of humility will grease your wheels insuring a smoother ride. Remaining humble and appreciative of any advice you might receive from established talent will foster that eagerness to improve each time you fail. And believe me when I say: You will fail a lot.

If after reading all of this, you feel even more excited to go out and make some comics, I’d say you’re already ahead of the curve. Good luck.

Full Story: Multiversity: Strange Love: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Breaking Into Comic Books – Part 1


  1. Part six? Is that a typo, or is there more somewhere? This first section doesn’t really tell you how to break into the industry apart from “have connections”, which can only really apply to people that live in the megacities the publishers run in. It doesn’t even tell you how he got those connections in the first place…

  2. Oh, just found the rest, so ignore/delete that comment Klint. Maybe link to the archive here though 🙂

    • Have you found an archive? I’ve just been googling each one “strange love multiversity part [x]” for each one…

  3. Hey, thanks for the plug, Klint! Glad to hear that the column has been helpful in some way.

  4. I found this blog at a time of discouragement. I appreciate you, Klint, and Mr. Holt for giving some inspiration.

  5. Thanks for the support, Richard!

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