Buddhism and DMT

Someone recently asked on Reddit: Reddit: Has a monk ever taken DMT and the results been recorded?

I like this response:

Fascinating mental states can be attained through meditation, but Buddhists don’t really go for an attitude of exploring trippy phenomena. The purpose is to get over the endless craving for pleasurable mind states. So adding more uncontrollable stimulation is basically just adding more confusion. Of course, you can turn any situation into a practice, so if you find yourself dosed with DMT, don’t panic – just actualize great prajna wisdom and stay grounded in the hara!

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  1. I’ve heard two Ram Das talks where he admits to continuing use of mind altering substances. One where he is rather coy and another where he is quite straightforward and open about it.

    I’m no monk, but I do insight meditation. Two weeks ago I was in the Amazon jungle taking Ayahuasca for the first time. It was very relevant to my practice, as I found “resting in the natural state of the mind” the most useful and conducive state of mind for the experience. When I strayed from this state of mind I experienced a ball of hot bile at the top of my abdomen forming, which was an excellent training guide to get back to the natural state of the mind. Among 8 participants I was the only one who did not purge, though when I started getting cocky about that the ball of bile started to form and it was back to resting in the natural state of the mind for me.

    I found the experience and the teachings around it to be an excellent confirmation of cross cultural and very different methods for achieving similar goals of non-symbolic consciousness.

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