X-Men reboot by Aaron Diaz

X-Men reboot by Aaron Diez

Aaron Diez, artist of the online comic Dresden Codak, put together a pitch for an X-Men reboot. I’d love to see this!

Thousands of years ago, godlike alien beings known as Celestials came to Earth to secretly experiment on the human race. Their goal was to use homo sapiens as a genetic template to revive long-dead civilizations and species throughout the universe. However, their initial tests proved inconclusive, and the project was abandoned. What was unknown at the time was that the original “program” developed by the Celestials had spread and embedded itself onto the DNA of countless human beings and continued to be passed down through the generations, dormant.

The story begins in the near future, where in the past few years this “x-gene” begins to activate, creating outrageous mutations and causing a general panic in society. While no one is sure what is causing the mutations, it’s clear that the power in human society may quickly shift if something isn’t done. Most mutants go into hiding or destroy themselves when they are unable to control what is happening to them. A few, however, are taken in by a handful of more knowledgable mutants like Charles Xavier.

Full Story and More Art: Dresden Codak’s X-Men Reboot

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