Drone Artists/Hackers Detained Held in London on Suspicion of Terrorism

Electronic Countermeasures drone art project

Silicon Republic reports on the detention of the drone hackers/artists group Tomorrows Thoughts Today:

The trio, headed up by Liam Young, had created the robotic drones from components that were originally intended for police surveillance.

The drones had been swarming around Science Gallery last night to show how they can broadcast their own Wi-Fi network as a flying pirate file-sharing formation.

As they swarm, people in the audience can log onto the drone network with their phones and laptops and use the drones as a local network to upload files and share data with one another.

It was just as the three performers were disembarking from their Dublin flight in London that their suitcases were swarmed in upon by customs officers at the new London Southend Airport.

They were released after about two hours of questioning.

Full Story: Silicon Republic: Quadcopter drone group held in London airport on suspicion of terrorism


  1. The script writers are getting a bit lazy, this is some surreal shit. They (States) can drone people out of the sky. Dead. Not murder, not terrorism. Some creative hackers types wire up some cool shit, TERRORISM. We are being ruled by psychopaths.

    • They weren’t questioned for flying the drones, they were questioned for going to the airport with suitcases full of weird electronics and wiring.

    • The Science Gallery is in Dublin: they flew the things in a whole other country.

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