dutch handcuff key made with 3D printer

From a 2009 post on the lockpick/encryption/RF site Blackbag:

German SSDeV member Ray is known all around the world for his impressive collection of handcuffs and his fun ways of opening most of them. On top of that he gives great presentations and always manages to add a lot of humor into them!

At HAR he pulled another stunt: He used a 3D printer to print handcuff keys. And not just any ordinary handcuff key … no, it’s the official handcuff key from the Dutch police!

Full Story: Blackbag: Printing police handcuff keys

What’s more, Ray released an STL file (the standard format for 3D printing and prototyping) of the key.

Ray ended up clarifying various points in the comments on Bruce Schneier’s blog.

(via Cat Vincent)