The Search for the Woodstock Babies


From the AP back in 2009:

Welcome to middle age, Woodstock Baby – if you’re really out there.

The babies reportedly born at the Woodstock festival 40 years ago remain the most enduring mystery from that chaotic weekend that defined a generation. Depending on the source, there was one birth on that patch of Sullivan County farmland between Aug. 15-17, 1969. Or two. Or three. Or none.

AP: Born at Woodstock? Gave birth at Woodstock?

(Photo by Mark Goff)

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  1. I have a long-time friend who claims to have been born in the Woodstock medicine tent. Although this had to have been about 4 years after Woodstock.

    His story is that his parents (still living the dream) had the tent itself, and set it up over the back of the truck for privacy, as his mother birthed him during some other random gathering in the woods.

    FWIW I believe him. And I know his parents – though I’ve never asked them about it! Doesn’t seem necessary once you’ve met them 😉

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