1. “I have the weirdest boner right now.”

  2. I’ve seen this on the runways from other designers too. I like how this has a very Norse feel, rather than the usual Stevie Nicks and Goth fare.

  3. Not sure about the Diesel campaign, looks like the same old shit repackaged with a couple of runes thrown in.

    I really like that Beta Unit hoodie, but the best at this kind of thing is designer Jimmy D: http://jimmydwashere.wordpress.com/

    • The Diesel campaign caught my eye when I walked by their store in San Francisco the other week. I hadn’t been by a Diesel store in a few years (the one in Portland is kind of out of my way), but although many of the components are the same (expensive, pre-mangled jeans) there did seem to be a different aesthetic than I’m used to from Diesel. In the past their collections had more of an urban look, while these seem to be going for more of a naturey, outdoorsy rustic look. I blame MGMT and Game of Thrones.

      (FWIW, I’ve never bought a Diesel product, and this faux-rustic stuff isn’t my cup of tea anyway. I do like their watches, though)

  4. I’d totally rock that second sweater. Witch-wave is the futurez.

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