Uncontacted Tribe in South America Goes Missing

here and here.) They’ve gone missing after narco traffickers wiped out the guard post protecting the tribe. Observers fear the worst.

The Brazilian guard post protecting the uncontacted Indians who were filmed from the air earlier this year has been over-run by heavily-armed men, suspected to be drug-traffickers. It has been ransacked and vital equipment destroyed.

Fears are now mounting for the welfare of the Indians after workers from FUNAI (the government’s Indian Affairs Department) found one of the traffickers’ rucksacks with a broken arrow inside. A rapid survey by government officials has shown no trace of the Indians, who made worldwide headlines in February.

Survival International: Guard post for uncontacted Indians over-run by “drug traffickers”

(via Coilhouse)


  1. There is nearly no area of life that would not be improved with an end to prohibition. No drug laws, no narco posts to be wiped out, no narcos to wipe them out. Whatever cost might come from people electing to take drugs is smaller than the genocide of that tribe.

  2. That SUCKS, especially as these people could be harmed by a war they didn’t even know about, let alone participate in!

  3. well it looks like for that small civilization, the apocalypse came

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