Farewell Greylodge

I just received this e-mail from the Greylodge e-mailing list:

Greylodge.org has now officially and we’re pretty sure, finally closed. After almost 10 years of serving the indie book/music/film community,. being covered on MSNBC, written up in the Wall Street Journal and blogged on Boing-Boing and countless other blogs, we have finally caved under the pressure of countless legal threats, religious hackers and finally the tragedy of losing Doctor Grey. Maybe someday we’ll start something new, but for now, we leave it to someone else to step up and fill the void.

It’s been a pleasure serving you.


-Pale Rider


  1. god damn they took the archived pdf’s down. I wanted to finish that this summer. bollocks

    • hey leif, pdf’s are still up at archive.org

      at least the one’s i looked up.

      • just in case i was being vague. type greylodge.org into the “way back machine” and snoop around there.

  2. This is devastating news. Greylodge will TRULY be missed. I’d been planning to do a site rip since I read news of Doctor Grey’s departure (I saw this fateful day coming) but never got round to it.

    Pale Rider, are you planning to put up a site archive as a torrent? I’m sure this would be greatly appreciated and widely seeded by the community.

    Much love and gratitude to all involved for your great efforts, and best wishes for your future endeavours. You switched me on to sooo many things…

  3. Dr. Grey’s accident and eventual demise took us all by surprise. I had endeavored to keep GL up and running but our hosting provider canceled our account without notice due to copyright complaints. We weren’t able to transfer everything before we were locked out so not everything is in our archives (there were thousands of gigbytes of data hosted in our torrentflux alone) so if we do put a archive back up it won’t be 100% complete. We may may a bunch of ISOs and put them up on Demonoid, et al. We’re still deciding what to do.

  4. Sad news, but best of luck in your future endeavors!

  5. Thanks for all the great stuff – all the work – you will be sorely missed – I’ve been going to your site since the “Blavatsky poster” days: intellectual property is neither

  6. Fantastic work, hugely indebted to the Grey Lodge. I don’t know how you guys lasted so long, our BIPT knockoff/expansion pack netted over 100 C&D’s in the course of less than a year and we got dropped by over a dozen hosting companies during that time.

    Salute. You did it up right.

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