Mormon Transhumanist Association

Mormon Transhumanist Association

From the About page of the Mormon Transhumanist Association:

What is the Mormon Transhumanist Association?

The Mormon Transhumanist Association is an international nonprofit organization that promotes practical faith in human exaltation through charitable use of science and technology, as outlined in the Transhumanist Declaration and the Mormon Transhumanist Affirmation. We support discussion and public awareness of emerging technologies, defend the right of individuals in free and democratic societies to adopt technologies that expand human capacities, and anticipate and propose solutions for the potential consequences of emerging technologies. Although we are neither a religious organization nor affiliated with any religious organization, we support our members in their personal religious affiliations, and encourage them to adapt Transhumanism to their unique situations.

What is the relation between Mormonism and Transhumanism?

Increasingly, persons are recognizing parallels and complements between Mormon and Transhumanist views. On the one hand, Mormonism is a religious ideology of the Judeo-Christian tradition that advocates faith in God leading to salvation. On the other hand, Transhumanism is a mostly secular ideology that advocates ethical use of technology to extend human capabilities. However, Mormonism and Transhumanism advocate remarkably similar views of human nature and its future: material beings organized according to law, rapidly advancing knowledge and power, imminent fundamental changes to anatomy and environment, and eventual transcendence of present limitations. Resources available through this site provide details on the relation between Mormon and Transhumanist views.

Mormon Transhumanist Affirmation:

  1. We seek the spiritual and physical exaltation of individuals and their anatomies, as well as communities and their environments, according to their wills, desires and laws, to the extent they are not oppressive.
  2. We believe that scientific knowledge and technological power are among the means ordained of God to enable such exaltation, including realization of diverse prophetic visions of transfiguration, immortality, resurrection, renewal of this world, and the discovery and creation of worlds without end.
  3. We feel a duty to use science and technology according to wisdom and inspiration, to identify and prepare for risks and responsibilities associated with future advances, and to persuade others to do likewise.

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  1. Oh, man. I don’t even wanna look.

  2. No. You can not have our toys. You said you are ‘not religious’, then in 2. above you mention God in a sense of ‘fact’.

    One of the few things I respect about LDS is their lack of hypocrisy in terms of P.R. (but not personal life; for no one can live up to Biblical expectations)

    Think of water as the foundation of explanation via Faith, and oil is the rational basis for science.

    Science is “ours” and Faith is “yours”. Like oil and water mixed, no matter how vigorously shaken….

    Be well, and try not to break anything, please.

  3. I’m with Rick Day on this–faith and science are different methods for obtaining truth, and are like oil and water. That’s why I’ve created a Doctrinal and Logical Response to the Mormon Transhumanism idea.

    I do believe science can provide plenty of evidence for God, and prophets in the past and present often point to the beauty, order in nature as evidence of a Supreme Creator. However, ultimately, faith comes in to fill in the void, such as the purpose of life, or the nature of the afterlife, where science simply cannot prove or disprove.

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