2010: My Year in Review

On a personal note, here are the three most important things that happened in my life this year.

In chronological order, not order of importance:

Psychetect: Return to the Wasteland Album Release

Album art by Ian McEwan and Danny Chaoflux

I released my first full length album, Return to the Wasteland and performed live several times. I talked to Joseph Matheny about it on GPOD. I have another album in the works, but I’m insanely busy lately so I’ve been having a hard time getting it finished.

Started Working for ReadWriteWeb

ReadWriteWeb logo

In June I started writing for ReadWriteWeb part-time, initially just for the ReadWriteEnterprise channel. In November, I joined full-time. I now write for ReadWriteCloud and ReadWriteHack as well as Enterprise.

This is the primary reason I’ve been so busy. I initially thought that I’d be less busy once I was working full-time for RWW instead of juggling a full-time IT job with part-time writing duties. Instead, I’ve only become more busy. But it’s the best job I’ve ever had and I’m proud to be a part of the ReadWriteWeb team.

None the less, I’ve got plans for the site. My biggest goal for 2011 is to the dossiers flowing again. Changes and new stuff will roll-out as time permits.

Marrying Jillian

wedding photo
Photo courtesy of Courtney

Although we had our legal wedding in 2009, my wife and I had our full ceremony this year. We had a crazy Bollywood/Steampunk mashup wedding on the Oregon Coast.


Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great 2011!


  1. Congratulations on an awesome year.

  2. There’s also the Gold bubble…

    Right now it’s being marketed, chiefly to right wing fundy nutbags. Mother Jones did a good expose on one of the worst profiteers…

    But, the real issue is that gold is also being overpriced. IMO, it is a “Boom Bust” conspiracy, just as I think the Dot.Com, Housing, etc. was.

    Gold originally was prized as “Sling Fodder” since it was easy to mold into a near perfect ball, you could see where it was going, it hit harder and you could find it easier. One of the earliest legal cases is supposedly over someone who asked for a bronze axe but found it adulterated with gold and therefore couldn’t cut well.

    And the real irony of gold is that for all the blood shed for it, only in the last century has it had any real practical value besides commodity/jewelry.

    IMO, this “Gold Boom” isn’t the economy, it’s a deliberate set-up. A good way to steal the rest of the money from the working class who are highly represented by “Good Christians” who bought the media line that shielded outsourcing and importing illegals. Sell them gold at inflated prices, then crash the price of gold and have them begging to sell it back to you for 1/4 the 90s low.

    Problem is, these guys are gun nuts who believe they’ll magically disappear into the sky inside this lifetime. There could either be some mass uprisings or dozens of “Postal” type incidents over their “Gold Savings” dropping overnight.

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