SubGenius Custody Battle Finally Over, but Reverend Magdalen is Still Banned From Keeping SubGenius Materials in Her Home

I’m a little late in reporting this, but here’s some good news:

The final deadline of September 22, 2010 came and went without any last-minute attempts by Reverend Magdalen’s former boyfriend to appeal the custody decision. This means that the custody case is now officially CLOSED IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK. Any further attempts to disrupt Magdalen’s relationship with her son would have to be filed in the state of Georgia. This means that he would most likely have to SPEND MONEY to do so.

In other words: After four years of hell and over $100,000 in costs to her, IT’S OVER. And the final result is an anticlimax: Magdalen, her husband, and her ex-boyfriend are back to the status quo. That, plus she is still the only SubGenius officially banned from keeping SubGenius materials in her home, where her innocent son might accidentally come across them and become corrupted into the corrupt, obscene, decadent SubGenius cult that got his Mom into trouble in the first place.

The High Weirdness Project: Reverend Magdalen

(Thanks Trevor)

I’m very saddened, however, that Magdalen is still banned from possessing SubGenius materials in her own home. That can’t possibly constitutional.


  1. Glad to hear that it’s finally over. This whole spectacle reminded me of an Onion article written from a viewpoint of existentialist despair. Too sad to be true.

  2. So…it would be legal for her to have copies of Hustler, Mein Kampf, How to Kill (Palladin Press), The Satanic Bible, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Turner Diaries, or (*shudder*) the Congressional Record in her house, but the Stark Fist of Removal is banned because it would send her son straight into a life of crime and depravity. Yeah, she still needs some good legal assistance.

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