Colton Harris-Moore Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Charges

Harris-Moore is pleading not guilty to federal charges:

“Barefoot bandit” suspect Colton Harris-Moore, the teen accused in a two-year spree of sometimes-shoeless burglaries and thefts, pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges of interstate transportation of a stolen plane, boat and gun.

Not guilty pleas on behalf of Harris-Moore, 19, also were entered in federal court by his lawyer to charges of being a fugitive in possession of a firearm and of flying a plane without a pilot’s license.

The five charges, collectively punishable by up to 43 years in prison, were brought in an indictment returned by a grand jury last week, adding to the prosecutions mounting against the youth in his home state of Washington and elsewhere.

Reuters: “Barefoot bandit” suspect pleads innocent

It wasn’t clear to me from this article whether he’s pleading no guilty to *all* charges against him, or if there may be other charges that he will plead guilty to. Previous coverage suggested his lawyers were trying to reach a plea-bargain. The story does note that charges from Washington and various states are piling up.


  1. Of course, one cannot ‘plead innocent’ to charges. On pleads ‘not guilty’. It’s easier to prove not guilty than innocent.

  2. You’re absolutely right Scott, that was slop on my part. Fixed.

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