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My wife’s intro to Wilhelm Reich and alternative psychology:

The underpinnings of the human mind and our behavior as an extension are naturally fascinating. It’s no surprise that Sigmund Freud caught on fast in the 1940?s and was a household name by the 1960?s. But what once held so much potential became more of a racket for years and years of expensive and sometimes cruel treatments that may never leave patients cured, or worse, the mentality that pharmaceuticals alone can cure all of our social problems. Traditional psychotherapy is characterized by a therapist who acts as an authority figure, and generally, a session includes the patient talking extensively as the therapist silently analyzes. It can take months or years to get anywhere, because as many therapists have noted, patients tend to exhibit defense mechanisms for their inhibitions, anxieties, and neuroses. Some will even express hostility towards the therapist. A good therapist has to be able to work past the defenses, known as resistances and negative transferences. Only then can breakthroughs happen.

Alternative psychology opts to take a different, and usually faster approach to breakthroughs- and many practitioners include the use of body language analysis, or the incorporation of movement or exercise as therapy techniques.

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