Brion Gysin Gaining More Posthumous Recognition in the Art World

Brion Gysin

A new collection Brion Gysin’s work is appearing in the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City.

But Laura Hoptman, the museum’s senior curator and the organizer of the show, said the departure in Gysin’s case made perfect sense because his work remains largely unknown to the American public and his influence — the kind that eluded him during his lifetime — now seems to be everywhere in the contemporary art world.

“I knew about him, and then six or seven years ago it felt like I started hearing his name from everyone,” Ms. Hoptman said. “I kept trying to figure out all the ways they had arrived at Gysin.”

New York Times: The Unknown Loved by the Knowns

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  1. It’s a shame that it took until now for more people to pay attention to the great work of an even greater man.

    Brion Gysin was a beautiful human, and I wish so much that I could have met him.

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