Open-Source CMS/Blog Software for Musicians Seeks Crowd-Funding

Dbasr introduction video from Joshua Ellis on Vimeo.

I saw a demo of this a few months ago, and it’s great. It’s like WordPress but with very band-focused features – you can manage not just blog posts, but mp3s, photos, videos, and associate content not just by date or category but by show/gig. You could either use it to self-host your site, or use a hosted service.

You can help fund the project here.

My interview with Josh (not about Dbasr) is here.


  1. Please give a sort of “limited cms for musicians” source code free so we can use it and prmote ourselves in countries like Honduras! That would be great. The project is great! Congratulation… even i haven´t see it working. I have spend years thinking in what you and your friends explain on the video but for run my own site and not inside a corporate site :s

  2. I´m developing site like wich i wanted to be like our own youtube but don´t have the money to pay domain, hosting, all the needed plugins for it to run well… so it ended being like a youtube´s little son with youtube´s embed videos, that´s even sadder i guess jaja

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