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Richard Metzger

This Wednesday, here at, you’ll be able to read my interview with Richard Metzger, co-founder and former creative director of Disinfo and current online editor at the LA Times’ alt weekly Brand X and the host of his own online talk show Dangerous Minds. We talked about the end of Hollywood as we know it, the future of advertising, and the circus that is the right-wing media.

But if you want to read the interview tomorrow instead of Wednesday, all you have to do is sign-up for the Mediapunk Dispatch, the weekly-ish Mediapunk e-mail list. You’ll get all the Mediapunk original content – rants, ideas, commentary, and interviews – at least one day before they go up on the web. You’ll probably also get some exclusive, Dispatch-only content periodically as well.

I promise never to sell your e-mail address or send you Viagra ads or any greasy shit like that.

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