1. First, there’s the question, do I make art currently? …but assuming that we all agree that I do, how much would it cost to get me to stop? Hmm. Honestly, it probably wouldn’t cost that much to get me to give up on a particular project. Certainly, I’d trash my next book for a lot less than 100 million dollars, but I’d agree that there’s probably no amount of money that would make me stop producing more stuff. I’m bored enough already and, nothing I produce makes that much money, so that isn’t the motivation to begin with. So…no…there’s no way you could pay me to stop making art in general, but I’m starting bids if anyone wants to pay me not to write specific books. There could be a sliding scale. I could be talked into never writing books about things I’m uninterested in quite cheaply. Hell, a buck, even fifty cents might be enough for me to commit to never writing about many subjects. I should start an exchange on the going rate to keep me from writing about various topics. “Jet packs up $50 since last week. The history beet farming, still a bargain as 75 cents.” Consider it like the memetic equivalent of the government paying people not to plant certain crops.

  2. It would cost as much as I would need to pay ‘assistants’ who are more talented than me to produce the work anonymously under my direction, plus the price of a new pair of cotton socks for every day of the rest of my life. I’m dead serious.

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