Did a coronal mass ejection cause the Chile earthquake?

Coronal mass ejection

Above: image of the coronal mass ejection on February 26th, 2010 from NASA

Van’s Hardware Journal points out that the 2010 Chile earthquake was preceded by a Coronal mass ejection.

(via Fadereu)

Space.com’s FAQ states “The question of a solar disturbance/magnetic field change related to earthquakes has been thoroughly investigated and found to be unproven,” and cites the conclusions of a 1996 conference on the subject.

However, Russian and Chinese scientists continue to study the possibility of a connection.

As you’ve probably already heard, this earthquake altered the axis of the earth. So, if it IS true that this earthquake was caused by the sun (and I’m not saying that it was), that means that the sun actually caused a change in the earth’s axis.

See also: Reza Negarestani work such as Cyclonopedia.

(My noise art piece “Thirst for Annihilation” from my album Return to the Wasteland was created using NASA’s recording of radio interference caused by sunspots, inspired by Negarestani’s work and named after a book, which I have not read, by his collaborator Nick Land)


  1. http://www.bild.de/BILD/news/bild-english/world-news/2010/03/03/chile-quake-axis-shifted/german-scientists-put-planet-earth-back-on-track.html

    German scientists are disputing the NASA claim that the Earth’s axis shifted from the quake.

  2. Thanks for that!

  3. Klint,

    Here’s an Indian scientist who claims, across several papers, effects of starflares on seismotectonics:


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