‘Cyber Genome Project’ kicked off by DARPA


Applecart-bothering Pentagon boffinry bureau DARPA is at it again. This time, the military scientists want to establish a “Cyber Genome” project which will allow any digital artifact – a document, a piece of malware – to be probed to its very origins. […]

Or in other words, any code you write, perhaps even any document you create, might one day be traceable back to you – just as your DNA could be if found at a crime scene, and just as it used to be possible to identify radio operators even on encrypted channels by the distinctive “fist” with which they operated their Morse keys. Or something like that, anyway.

The Register: ‘Cyber Genome Project’ kicked off by DARPA

(via William Gibson)

Hard to see this working out well.

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  1. Readers of “Computer Lib” will recognize the DNA of this idea.

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