Sound Generator Could Kill Humans at Ten Meters

Thunder Generator

The Thunder Generator uses mixture of liquefied petroleum, cooking gas, and air to create explosions, which in return generate shock waves capable of stunning people from 30 to 100 meters away. At that range, the weapon is absolutely harmless, making people run in panic when they feel the sonic blast hitting their bodies. However, at less than ten meters, the Thunder Generator could either cause permanent damage or kill any person.

Gizmodo: Sound Generator Could Kill Humans at Ten Meters

(Thanks Bill)


  1. I emailed the manufacturer for pricing, but oddly enough, they haven’t gotten back to me. Perhaps they don’t feel that I truly need their equipment for backyard bird control, but I think they’re missing out on a really robust market. Of course, I suppose I should just be glad that the FBI hasn’t dropped by to ask about my inquiry…yet.

  2. It looks so ghetto on that trailer.

    I think we need to send this guy to pimp my tools of oppression, asap.

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