The Strength of the Curve Tullio Crali 1930

Cityscape Tullio Crali 1939

Nose Dive on the City Tullio Crali, 1939

20 paintings, and the history of the Futurist movement

Marinetti wanted Futurism to become the official artistic style of Italian fascism, but Mussolini resisted and encouraged a wide range of styles to keep artists of all types on the side of the regime. While Futurism would ultimately be linked to fascism, there were many socialist and anarchist Futurists, linked by an interest in political violence. Towards the end of the 1930s, Italian fascists were adopting the stance of their German counterparts, considering modern art to be degenerate and rejecting the Futurist movement.

20 Dynamic Paintings From The Italian Futurists

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