The Family’s man in Uganda, Bob Hunter, opposed anti-homosexuality bill

Add one more very important name to the growing international list of those opposed to Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill: Bob Hunter, the man who helped build Uganda’s relationship with the Family, aka the Fellowship, the international movement of “followers of Christ” – some reject the term “Christian” that also includes several U.S. politicians with ties to Uganda: among them, Senator James Inhofe, Senator Sam Brownback, and Representative Joe Pitts. […]

Moreover, Bob adds “I know of no one involved in Uganda with the Fellowship here in America, including the most conservative among them, that supports such things as killing homosexuals or draconian reporting requirements, much less has gone over to Uganda to push such positions.” […]

Last, but not least at all: The question of the relationship between Bob, the Fellowship, and Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Bob argues that any connection at all is “absurd.” He takes particular issue with my statement that the situation in Uganda is “a perfect case study in the export of a lot on American, largely evangelical ideas about homosexuality exported to Uganda.” Bob is now on record expressing his active opposition to the bill, and many of his Fellowship associates are on record expressing a passive opposition to the bill. That’s what matters most here. The question of cultural influence is more complicated. I’ll say this: The member of parliament most strongly associated with the bill, David Bahati, has, as Bob points out, been associated with the Fellowship. Other Fellowship sources say that Bahati floated the idea at a private event linked to the Ugandan National Prayer Breakfast; one source says 2008, Bob thinks it was 2009. What’s most important is that all sources say Fellowship associates politely expressed opposition. Ugandan Minister of Ethics and Integrity James Nsaba Buturo, another strong supporter of the bill, is also linked to the Fellowship (though possibly not as closely as Buturo believes) and an organizer of the Ugandan National Prayer Breakfast. And President Museveni, a longtime Fellowship associate, has given implicit support to the extreme stigmatization of homosexuality, declaring, “European homosexuals are recruiting in Africa.” Other scholars have noted that Museveni’s anti-gay rhetoric has grown strongly over the years, a period during which Uganda has experienced a great religious revival rooted in the years before Museveni took power. One needn’t take anything away from the very real virtues of that revival – it helped overthrow a dictatorship — to condemn its ugly baggage: an inflammation of anti-gay rhetoric, violence, and now new legal measures on top of Uganda’s existing anti-gay laws, antiquated regulations dating back to British colonialism.***

Jeff Sharlet: The Fellowship (aka The Family) Opposes Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

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  1. Either Leviticus 20:13 exists or it doesn’t exist.

    Either Matthew 5:18-19 exists or it doesn’t exist.

    Which is it, Christians?

  2. Look at the man himself supporting the killing of people .angry grown agly man feeling that he is leaving the best for the young generation of africa. What does it tell you museveni not sit down from presidency saying there is no able man in uganda who can lead when decides not to run again . he is greedy, jelous, corrupt and can kill given money as long as there is money and now the source has surfaced . He will probably kill all opponents or guys that he feels can compete with him when election by saying they know gay people and refusing to report them and put them to jail for no evidence . Plus he is blocking the young generation to adapt western influence to make africa better when he nolonger lives . That is very common with african fathers contradiciting themselves to there kids telling them not to westernize . Very common and most guys run away from african bulldog. waste of time living with animals or dealing with animals like David bahati. the west should withdraw there support and let them do there thing .If you got Uganda, give money to individuals than giving to the goverment . easy and more helpful to people who live in tyranny.what a shame .

  3. Its a typical african move to keep africa backward for the rest of its life by there fathers being corrupted by a white man as it has always been . Give them the money and let them kill each other . shame on religion of killing . what is the difference between jihads and christians . Its all all killing even they say targeting gay people like muslims targeting christians .Museveni won’t get enough even if you give him billions unless you want to kill the whole of ugandan men to impress you . shame shame !!!

  4. Museveni can do anything for money even if you tell him to slaughter his son to keep leadership like what IDI AMin did to his son Moses killing him to drink his blood to keep presidency as he was told if he does so.Don’t joke with Ugandan presidents you Bob hunter if you want to see river nile floating with blood to starve Egypt LOL. To bad for uganda .

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