Adopted Man Claims Charles Manson Is His Father

charles manson adopted son

Matthew Roberts, who was adopted as a child, made contact with his biological mother who told that his father is Charles Manson. The article, in the ever trustworthy Sun, doesn’t mention anything about DNA evidence or any other corroboration, but the guy DOES look like Manson.

Full Story: Sun: I traced my dad… and discovered he is Charles Manson

(via Dangerous Minds)

Update: Roberts had a DNA test comparing him with Manson’s grandson Jason Freeman, but test concluded that the two men do not have a common ancestor. But he’s subsequently claimed that Freeman might not actually be Manson’s grandson, and as of 2012 was trying to get a direct sample from Manson.

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    Children: Charles Milles Manson, Jr. (mother Rosalie Jean Willis), Charles Luther Manson (mother Leona), Valentine Michael “Pooh Bear” Manson (mother Mary Brunner).

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