EsoZone PDX 2009 round-up

EsoZone PDX 2009 is over, and I’m still recovering. Here’s some of the stuff people have posted so far:

Jillian’s EsoZone round-up wherein she shares her own experiences at EsoZone 2009.

She’s shared her outline from her “Radical Therapy for Radical Minds” workshop

Garret Daun has shared a PDF of his “Create Deconstruction” workshop.

Lion42’s pics from EsoZone

Above: a short video from Soup Purse’s workshop on audio processing as invocation and divination.

Pictures from Soup Purse’s workshop.


  1. I’m still decompressing, too. 🙂

  2. say Klint, you got that comic we made uploaded anywhere yet? And, thanks for everything, I had a great time, and came back nice and realigned.

  3. Not yet, gonna have to resize images and stuff. Nothing all that time consuming, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  4. Thanks for making the mention. If you get a chance, fix the spelling of my last name. It’s Daun. Sometime soon I may make an enhanced PDF and video course of the whole presentation, plus a bunch more tools and concepts we didn’t have time to cover. If I do so, I will give free access to the course to all Esozone participants who get a hold of me and ask for it.

  5. Sorry Garrett! Fixed it both here and at

  6. Holy shit! I can hardly believe that it was October of 2009 that all of this took place. Whoa……. Seems like just yesterday.

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