How to buy happiness

MSN has an article on how to spend your money to optimize happiness.

1. Relationships

2. Time

3. Health

4. Learning

5. Debt relief

6. Giveaways

7. Security

MSN: 7 smart ways to buy happiness


  1. I’m not saying this is bad advice, but it is all within the context of the money system, which as a whole tends to degrade connections between people and eat up time and energy.

    These ideas applied with the idea of decreasing involvement with the money system are even more powerful, i.e. instead of “pay a pro to do your taxes,” how about bartering goods, services or just goodwill with a pro to do your taxes? Make or strengthen friendship with someone who can do your taxes…

  2. sorry, here’s another example, I could go on and on… instead of “pay a bit more to join the gym that’s closer to where you work” how about, save money by parking somewhere cheap a mile from work and walking to and from work each day?

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