Future Shock documentary narrated by Orson Welles

This is a little known documentary based on the book Future Shock by Alvin Toffler. This documentary came out in 1972 and features Orson Welles as the narrator. […]

As far as I can tell, this documentary is in the public domain. I took the liberty of uploading my videotape transfer to YouTube. It is in 5 parts, and you can view them below.

Oddculture: Alvin Toffler, Orson Welles, and Future Shock

(via OVO)


  1. Bill Whitcomb

    June 5, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    Wow, that takes me back! The documentary was not little known at the time — Tofler’s Future Shock was a really big deal then. I guess it’s just that the future that was shocking us then came and went about a decade or two ago.

  2. Bill is correct: Future Shock was a big deal then. It serves (for me) as a marker for when I think something is a big deal now. Maybe I’m just confused.

  3. Future Shock the book was and is a big deal. I’d never heard of this documentary, but that doesn’t mean that it’s “little known” or that it wasn’t a big deal then.

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