Last minute LOST theory: Locke is Jacob

The season finale is already on in some parts of the country, but thanks to the time dysfunction I have to wait a couple more hours before it starts.

Here’s a current favorite from the ever insightful Wadester23:

Has anybody directly interacted w/ themselves from another timeline? If Locke is Jacob.. google “The Circle” from ‘Land of the Lost’

Anyone have a good link for a summary of “The Circle”? I didn’t find one during my first initial quick search.


  1. well, no, obviously, at this point.

  2. I’m thinking “Jesus” is dead, and “Satan” killed him. Then the Demiurge stepped in to take advantage of the loophole in his creation.

  3. I’m thinking Jacob = Sobek-Ra and Jacob’s Enemy = Apep = the Smoke Monster.

    The Statue has a crocodile head, which suggests Sobek-Ra. And I think Danny Chaoflux or someone presented the evidence for the Apep theory on here.

    We know the Monster cannot hurt the innocent, and takes on the forms of dead people. By taking on Locke’s form and convincing Ben to kill Jacob, he got around the loophole. Its possible that Apep/the Smoke Monster also impersonated Jacob and Christian Shepherd, since we found that the circle around Jacob’s cabin was broken, and Christian was the one who told Locke he had to die.

  4. Here’s a coincidence: We met Cap’n Marrrk for breakfast today, and he mentioned meeting you. It reminded me of this post. Lo and behold, when I got home today, Sci Fi Channel was airing this particular episode of LOTL. It was just as confusing as Lost itself.
    Synopsis: When the Marshalls fell into the time door, they disrupted it’s normal function, making it impossible for them to leave. The Door was stuck in an infinite loop of them falling down the rapids to their death. The only way to repair the paradox of them being in two places at once and repair the Door was to open the Door via a crystal, which would send the Marshalls through to TLOTL, while the Marshalls went through the Door to home. There must be an equal value coming in and going out to end the paradox. So the Marshalls are in an infinite loop, escaping TLOTL and returning home forever.
    And I don’tknow if you know this, but the original title of LOST was supposed to be CIRCLE.

  5. how about jacob WILL be Locke(the dead body version). like The Man in Black has “possessed” A body of john locke, so will Jacob. spirits are supposedly forever we just inhabit the body.

  6. Klintron

    January 28, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Could be. I was thinking just last night that maybe Samuel/Jacob’s Adversary/whoever has actually been John Locke all along. That perhaps in another timeline John’s consciousness gets unstuck in time. He occupies another body in the flashback where we see him talking to Jacob on the island, and has to die in order to regain control over his body.

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