Internal Fascism vs. Radical Psychology – session notes from PDX Barcamp 3

A discussion on the feedback loops between psychological repression or internalized fascism and social conditions and control structures. Delved into the work of Wilhelm Reich and the Brazilian Somatherapy Group and the difficulties of restructuring organizations as diverse as corporations and social movements, an example of which being Hacking Business Models..

From: Portland Barcamp 2009


  1. Somatherapy link malformed as of 7am 3 May 2009.

    Possibly of interest…

    … Co-counselling (aka Re-evaluation Counseling) was big among the New England anarchists I knew.

  2. Klint Finley

    May 3, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    Thanks – the Somatherapy link is fixed now. Will check out co-counselling.

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