SubGenius mom still needs money for legal fees

Lesson: if you ever really want to fuck with someone (especially a parent), question the morality of their religion in court. You could cause this to happen to them:

But to lose my firstborn and only son, that was not fair. To be burdened with more debt than I could pay with ten years of my salary, that is not fair. To have been forced to leave my home and husband, and live alone in another state in order to attend endless court proceedings for nearly two years, that was not fair.

Now, thankfully, our family is finally back together, but the financial burden that remains is devastating, especially as the proceedings grind through their final appeals. No matter how hard we work, we just barely make it each month.

Read up on the history of the case, and donate

Magdalen’s latest letter

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  1. Thanks for helping spread the news. “Won’t someone think of the children” is perhaps second only to “God told me to do it” in excusing pure evil. In this case, both are in play.

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