Operating memeplexes

For the curious, I consider myself the following:



Secular Humanist

Social Liberal


  1. Ooo ooo… can I play too?

    * Atheist
    * Existentialist
    * Philosophical pessimist
    * Left Wing Social Darwinist

  2. Everyone can play.

  3. left wing social darwinist? how does that work? or am i missing the sarcasm? :p

  4. Oo, memetastic!

    Ulysses: What the hell is a darwinist? Yes, evolution is obviously how things work, but darwin didn’t even know about DNA. Perhaps Evolutionist would be a better term to use? I certainly trust in the theory of gravity, but that doesn’t make me a Newtonist.

    Or does it?

  5. Group selectionist. Better, kids? Nietzschean collectivist also works, I suppose. It’s the inverse of anarcho-monarchism. Or the converse. Or something.

    Also, supporter of sapir-whorf. HERETIC.

  6. I could probably also sum up my political views by just citing Wikipedia’s summary of Paul Krugman’s political views:


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