The idea is simple: Use specially modified cargo bikes to deliver goods in Portland’s urban core. In the process, they’ll spare downtown streets from large delivery trucks (which, Franklin pointed out to me, are usually only partially loaded), and provide a more earth-friendly method to go the “last mile” in a company’s distribution chain. […]

In the past two weeks alone, Franklin estimates they’ve delivered 5,000 pounds of produce for their first customer (a Eugene-based distributor). The produce is dropped in bulk at the B-Line headquarters and then Franklin and Kathryn deliver the goods into Portland’s urban core to restaurants like Bijou Cafe and Higgins. Besides the obvious savings in carbon emissions, Franklin says he has saved the city 27 trips taken by large delivery trucks (which means less wear-and-tear on streets, less congestion, and less safety risks to other road users).

Bike Portland: New company takes pedal-powered delivery to the next level

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