Ten Cities Where Americans Are Relocating

1: Raleigh, N.C.
2: Austin, Texas
3: Charlotte, N.C.
4: Phoenix, Ariz.
5: Dallas, Texas
6: San Antonio, Texas
7: Houston, Texas
8: New Orleans, La.
9: Atlanta, Ga.
10: Denver, Colo

Forbes: Ten Cities Where Americans Are Relocating

(Thanks Amber)


  1. Stay the fuck outta Austin, angry vegans will punch you in the face if you move here. It’s true.

  2. bwahaha, I am visiting all these with @MatthewGodwin within the next month!
    I can give personal assessments of each, but won’t bother cluttering the comments section.

    @ikipr Where were the angry vegans?!?! We had a hard enough time finding Food Not Bombs after Rizhome shutdown.

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