Over 100 homosexuals to be executed in Iraq this week

More than 100 prisoners in Iraq are facing execution – and some of them are believed to have been convicted of a ‘gay crime’, the UK-based Iraqi-LGBT group revealed this afternoon.

According to Ali Hili of Iraqi-LGBT, the Iraqi authorities plan to start executing them in batches of 20 from this week. There is, said Mr. Hili, at least one member of Iraqi-LGBT who are among those to be put to death.

And the London-based group, which believes that a total of 128 executions are imminent, is calling on the UK Government, international human rights groups and the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva to intervene “with due speed” to prevent “this tragic miscarriage of justice” from going ahead.

“We have information and reports on members of our community whom been arrested and waiting for execution for the crimes of homosexuality,” Mr Hili told UK Gay News.

UK Gay News: Iraqi Gays Sentenced to Death for Their Sexuality Face Execution

(via The Agitator)

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  1. Access to marriage? Imporant. Accesss to not getting executed? More important. Homosexuals in the West should prioritize accordingly, should they feel a sense of inherent solidarity.

    A further unsolicited suggestion: do not be afraid to criticize Islam as Islam. The worst you’ll do is say words about a superstition. The least they’ll do in return is kill you dead.

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