Grant Morrison interview on Wired

Most of it’s about Superman and I didn’t find that stuff interesting. This I did find interesting:

Final Crisis was much heavier, much harder to write than The Filth, which at least came with massive doses of surreal black humor to sweeten the bitter pill of the subject matter. On Final Crisis, I spent months immersing myself in the thought processes of an evil, dying God who longed for nothing less than the degradation, destruction and enslavement of all of DC’s superheroes, along with every other living thing in the universe and beyond!

To get into his head, I had to consider people like him in the real world and there were no shortage of candidates. The emissaries of Darkseid seemed to be everywhere, intent on crushing hope, or shattering human self-esteem. I began to hear his voice in every magazine headline accusing some poor young girl of being too fat or too thin. Darkseid was there in the newscasters screaming financial disaster and planet-doom. It was that sick old bastard’s voice terrifying children with his hopeless message of a canceled future, demanding old ladies turn off their electric blankets to help “save the planet,” while turning a blind eye to corporate ecocide.

Full Story: Wired

He also talks a bit about upcoming Vertigo projects at the end.

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  1. astral plane junkies

    March 26, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    glad you posted this, the comic is pretty heavy, and really good, one that i was getting when it was out off the shelves, which is rare for me to get something new, way better than the filth

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