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Kicked up a hornet’s nest that connects all my old research with my new food obsession. This is a story that involves food, covert operations, professional disinformation, and aliens.

Remember that sooper-paranoid article about HR 875 that got everyone so spooked in the first place? That was from the Natural Solutions Foundation, written by Linn Cohen-Cole, who may or may not be real.

Natural health advocates have been questioning the NSF for several years now, and the criticism is universally the same: Why does the NSF keep turning out factually inaccurate, hysterically grim articles? Just as important, and even more worrying, Why does the NSF refuse to correct ANY of the hundreds of errors in their record?

The answers start with the NSF founders: husband-wife team Albert Stubblebine and Rima Laibow. Now, when I accuse these people of being disinformation professionals, let me qualify that carefully. I’m not saying that they’re doing sloppy research, and I’m not saying that they’re being overzealous. I’m saying they are working, for pay, to spread false information and make their organization look like a legitimate activist group.

Full Story: Urban Evolution

That super paranoid article by Linn Cohen-Cole is here.

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  1. Good. Glad you found this. I’ve been reading through HR875 and preparing a rebuttal- I can’t find any evidence of the wilder claims I’ve seen people making, and even what I can find is questionable at best.

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