You read Watchmen, what comics should you read next?

This is a pretty good list:

From Hell

Or Else


The Invisibles


American Flagg

The Dark Knight Returns


DC: The New Frontier

Full Story: io9

Off the top of my head, I’d add Stray Bullets.

What would you add?

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  1. The Preacher, Transmetropolitan and Prometheus.

  2. flex mentallo

  3. Thought of something else:

    If you *really* want to know how it all started, read the original Superman comics. You can find the full first issue of Action Comics (Superman’s first appearance) here:

    And compilations of his further adventures are available as well:

  4. Batman: The Killing Joke
    V For Vendetta
    A Clown With A Gun
    The Sandman
    Johnny The Homicidal Maniac
    The Maxx

  5. Definitely Stray Bullets, V for Vendetta, Sandman, Miracleman, From Hell, Preacher, Dark Knight Returns, and I suspect sassybritches meant to write “Promethea” instead of “Prometheus.”

    I’d add Planetary, Akira, Morrison’s Animal Man, Maus .. there’s a bunch more.

    Just started on Y: The Last Man the other day. Fun, fun stuff.

    Jimmy Corrigan by Chris Ware is great, too.

  6. yes I did mean Prometheus. Also forgot Arkham Asylum. Its just beautiful and dark. Theres so many. But seriously, start with the Preacher.

  7. You list The Invisibles, but not The Filth?
    Tsk, tsk…

  8. Ooops. That’s not my list, BTW it’s io9’s. I forgot the link but remembered the source this time.

    Filth’s great though.

  9. a combined (short) list from me and dAS:

    New Gods (Kirby)
    Martial Law
    Stray Toasters
    Tank Girl
    *the new Tank Girl is pretty cool

  10. 100 Bullets
    Acme Novelty Library
    Understanding Comics

  11. Oh, I definitely second the recommendations for Reich and Buddha. Also, Osama Tezuka’s Phoenix series and his Adolph series are wonderul as well.

    Tezuka = greatest comics creator ever.

  12. Desolation Jones. Desolation Jones. Desolation Jones.

  13. * How to Avoid Death and Taxes and Live Forever
    * The Hunting Party
    * Apparently there is no criteria, so whatever else I happen to enjoy, so long as they are also comic books

  14. Moore’s Swamp Thing is excellent. I’d also recommend Eniki Bilal’s Nikopol Trilogy and Hatzfeld Tetralogy. Most comics by Morrisson are just amazing. Miller’s Hard Boiled is also worth mentioning.

  15. Doom Patrol
    7 Soldiers of Victory
    All Star Superman
    (actually just buy Morrison stuff sight unseen.)

    Madman comics!
    Love and Rockets
    Jim Woodring’s Frank
    Kirby’s 4th World stuff
    oh, Garth Ennis run on MAX Punisher? as awesome and gory as the Punisher always should have been.
    Black Hole by Charles Burns

    Lapham’s Young Liars is kicking my ass, although i think i will die before he finishes Stray Bullets.

    just read comics, whatever kind! you’re practically illiterate in this post-alphabetical age if you don’t read comics!

  16. 7 Soldiers of Victory
    Superman Beyond 3-D
    Geoff Johns’ run on Action Comics

  17. In alphabetical order:

    Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
    The Sandman

  18. see, I keep forgetting to you know, think things through. Anyway, Promethia was a great primer for me on the tree of life. The Filth is absolutely fantastic as well. I sort of assume everyones read sandman, jhonny, and transmet.

  19. I’d also add :
    Top 10 series
    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    And one that’s going on right now : The Boys (I warn you tho, its F-ed Up to the max)

  20. Dark Horse’s Conan series.

  21. I’d second most of those recommendations.

    If we are adding stories that are tricky to get your hands on (Marvelman and Flex Mentallo) then throw in Morrison’s Zenith. Most everything else have good recent collections:

    Also Moore’s other superhero work: Captain Britain (if you like that also check out Paul Cornell’s recent series Captain Britain and MI-13), Top Ten, and 1963 (and possibly Supreme if you’ve got a lot of love for Golden Age comics). Also the DC Universe volume collecting his shorter work at DC is good (the short stories on minor characters are fascinating, like “Tygers” – this is current part of the basis of the revitalisation of Green Lantern at the moment so check out the Sinestro Corps War and Rebirth if you like those and keep an eye out for the upcoming series Blackest Night).

    If you are looking for other Moore excellence (non-superheroes) then Halo Jones and DR & Quinch. Also the Complete Future Shocks is great. If you want more 2000 AD stories then Rebellion is doing a great job collecting the stories into volumes including all the big classics: Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper and check out the Nemesis the Warlock books (more lovely Kevin O’Neill art and a wild and weird story). Other smaller stories well worth looking up are Indigo Prime, Stickleback, etc.


    If you want a bit more sci-fi with your superheroes then series building on the Cosmic work of Kirby and Starlin include Marvel’s Annihilation, Annihilation: Conquest, Guardians of the Galaxy and the current War of Kings.

  22. Heavy Liquid!

  23. ChristianAverill

    March 11, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    The Shadow, as told by Howard Chaykin. That’s story telling!

  24. For Manga – in order of quality
    Vagabond (zen-samurai), Akira (future-apokalyptic mutant), Eden (2120 unParadisial world), Berserk (Conan vs. Lovecraft)

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