Long ago I heard a list of funny-sounding diseases. My spelling may be off, because I heard and did not read them. They were gastrocolitis, valbuminitus and lumpuckaroo. The first I’ve confirmed as real. The third I’ve confirmed as “the blahs.” The second I’ve not confirmed at all.

What’s more, it seems I was told of a disease in which a person grows black thorns from their skin which when cut off – vibrate.

Now I’ve been told a bunch of stuff in my life. I’ve also told plenty of fibs myself. I’m not saying the vibrating thorn disease is real, or that it is called valbuminitus. But I’d like to find the origin of this story if possible. Thanks for helping, metafilter.

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The best guess so far is that this refers to cutaneous horns or the extreme form epidermodysplasia verruciformis. Anyone know anything else about this? Particularly the vibrating part?