You know what I’m sick of? Bullshit medical “journalism”.

Where some fucking doctor in LA tries to hype up his IVF clinic by calling it a designer baby factory; just so that when Paris cunting Hilton decides it’s time to procreate, and thusly have her indentured servant carry the perfect anti-Christ to term, she’ll look this guy up.

So he puts out a press-release.

And the BBC picks it up and gets blue-sky quotes from Dr Gillian Lockwood, a “UK fertility expert” and member of the “Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ ethics committee” […]

China didn’t need any fancy tech to get a roughly 20million strong population gap between males and females. They just threw out the girls.

Selection isn’t the same thing as design. Sure, it’s good to talk and workshop future ethical scenarios, but don’t make that the focus of your story. Please. Because when we actually can design life, blue eyes will be the last thing anyone will be asking for. Or, it will be the most boring thing, anyway.

You can worry about the missing green-eyed, I’ll be asking for a chameleon DNA-splice.

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