20 Unhappiest Cities in America

I live in the unhappiest city in America:

Portland, Ore.
St. Louis, Mo.
New Orleans, La.
Detroit, Mich.
Cleveland, Ohio
Jacksonville, Fla.
Las Vegas, Nev.
Nashville-Davidson, Tenn.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Atlanta, Ga.
Milwaukee, Wis.
Sacramento, Calif.
Kansas City, Mo.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Memphis, Tenn.
Indianapolis city, Ind.
Louisville, Ky.
Tucson, Ariz.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Seattle, Wash.

Full Story: Business Week

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  1. well, depression and suicide rates, weather, and unemployment be damned- there’s no city i’d rather live in. the upside it that it’s also the greenest and hippest city in the country as well. also strange is that i have the highest paying, most secure job i’ve ever had.

  2. I was gonna say, as a UK guy, I had this perception of Oregon as this super-cool green oasis. Loads of my favourite authors/bloggers seem to be there.

  3. I moved to this area 2 years ago and it is a nightmare. The “hip” and “cool” aspect of Portland make people too serious and not silly and spontaneous. People are not helpful. They are short and do not “light up” at the sight of others. There’s a dullness, a closed culture here of people who are also intraverted.* I moved from the mid-South where we laugh a lot, never “meet a stranger”, and have a sense of duty to our fellow humans 24/7. I much prefer an ugly, non-hip place over a green, trying-to-be- cool place. Oh yeah, and there’s an obsession about dogs. The local news mentions a dog story every week. This is such a contradiction for those who profess to be “environmentally conscious” because dog manure is very bad for the environment, even if it goes to landfills,it contaminates the groundwater.

    *United States of Mind (study of the personality of US geographical regions)

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