’s career interest test is a waste of time and money‘s “career interest test” is worthless. What you pay for: a short, superficial “assessment” of what you like and dislike that tells you which of 5 personality types you are. It’s about as deep an OK Cupid quiz. They charge extra for “fast processing” even though it’s just a typical computer generated result without any personalization or or human interaction. Avoid this scam.


  1. Mike Robinson

    March 2, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    Dear Klinton,

    I am sorry our Career Interest Test was unable to meet or exceed your expectations, but perhaps I could explain a few things that might be of interest to you.

    You mention “5 personality types.” I’m sorry but you took an “Interest Test” not a personality test. So the Career Interest Report you purchased never mentions “5 Personality Types.” I know, I wrote the report.

    What it does show is 6 fundamentally different types of work, and then it shows which of those you are most interested in.

    We do offer a free personality test. But that is a different product.

    Our Career Interest Test has helped thousands of people figure out what types of work they are well suited to. It has changed peoples lives for the better. It has given people the confidence they need to change their careers.

    Those people would not agree with you calling this a scam.

    I’ve spoken to many customers personally and I can swear to this.

    However over the last 10 years I have seen that this product is unable to help a small percentage of people.

    They are people who have already taken many of the tests offered on the internet. I call them professional test takers. They need one on one career coaching, not another test.

    Then there are people who already know themselves quite well. If they want better career direction they should try career coaching.

    Finally, with you being a futurist, I would imagine your personality type is “iNtuitive” and you already have the ability to visualize several possible futures for yourself. You probaly don’t need a Career Interest Test. But what about people who have trouble visualizing a new future for themselves?

    Once again I am sorry we were unable to help. Rememeber, we do offer a 100% refund. All you have to do is email us.

    Michael Robinson

  2. I know I took an “interest test” and was not expecting a personality test. However, that is what delivered. A simple “what X are you?” style of test.

    More to the point, what sort of “processing” was required and why does it cost more to have computer generated results generated immediately or a week later? You don’t advertise that there is human feedback, but it’s strongly implied by the fact that it costs extra to get your results sooner than later. THAT is what is most scammy about it.

    There are many, many free tests out there that provide similar results. I repeat: don’t get fooled by these charlatans.

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