Appropedia: Lazy gardening & Easy to grow plans

I’ve been having trouble getting started growing my own food. Maybe these pages will help me get moving again:

Lazy gardening

Easy to grow plants


  1. if those pages still fail to get you goin’, try this:

    that’s right — now you too can help end slavery by growing your own food.

    also, and is worth a look if you like how-to pictures — dude’s a sub-irrigation evangelist and has some super simple designs for growing food in plastic bottles and bins.

  2. Thanks! Mostly I need to get off my ass and start using some of the stuff I already have, and get out to a gardening store to get a few extra things.

  3. Gardening is much like looking after a pet, water it regular, give as much sun as possible and try to keep the plants happy..

    Other than that a ph tester can really help to figure out what your soil needs as well..

  4. Growing tomato’s out the window:

    Get a five gallon bucket cut a hole large enough to allow stalk growth for the tomato. Place the tomato through the hole and fill the inside with planting soil and perlite. ON the top grow nitrogen fixing plants. Then hang out the window from the handle, the tomato will grow down and their weight wont need to be supported/

    Also have you considered Aquaponics? Window Aquaponic system

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