Last minute LOST theory round-up

  • ‘Lost’ is the opposite of ‘won’ Wadester23 suggests that the title LOST doesn’t mean the opposite of found, but the opposite of ‘won’ – as in the game Ben, Widmore, and possibly others are playing. Desmond might know about it via Penny now (“These people–they’re just usin’ us. They’re playing some kind of game, and we are just the pieces.” – Desmond in 316).
  • Ben tried to kill Penny, got beat up by Desmond (Lostpedia)
  • Charlie convinced Hurley to take flight 316. That’s why he has a guitar case. (Lostpedia)
  • Claire died in the explosion, it’s her ‘Island ghost’ self that people have been seeing since. (Lostpedia)What are your theories? Any ideas about what happened to Aaron, why Sayid was in custody, or how Lupitus has been able to fly commercial jets without being abducted and questioned by Widmore?

    1. How does Lostpedia know about the Ben, Penny, and Des skirmish? Really though, I guess that’s what one would guess is going to happen. 🙂

    2. I would be amazed if Lapidus hadn’t already crossed paths with Widmore. I was hoping the Ben bruising would be a connection to whoever and whenever Henry Gale was.

      I’ve been very struck by the initiation ritual references throughout this season, and I wonder if the Game aspect is an initiatory drama being run to choose the next generation’s leader.

      Is everyone else assuming that Miles is the son of Marvin Candle (or Halliwax or…) we see at the beginning of Season 5?

    3. Wasn’t Lapidus part of the group recruited by Matthew Abaddon (along with Charlotte, Faraday, Miles), who was employed by Widmore? In which case, Widmore definitely was put on the newly crashed plane as pilot, by Widmore. More about Lost at my wesbite.

    4. Klintron

      March 21, 2009 at 3:59 pm

      @Paul – yes Lapidus was part of that group, which is exactly why I think it’s weird that Lapidus is just walking around instead of hiding somewhere or using a fake name.

    5. Ah … ok – and I see I mistakenly wrote “Widmore definitely was put on the plane as pilot by Widmore,” when I of course meant Lapidus was put on the plane.

      But as to why he is doing this openly – Jack, etc trust him, because he came through for them as the pilot who got them off the island. But what is of interest is Lapidus’s ultimate loyalty.

    6. Didn’t Lapidus tell Mike that he spoke personally to Widmore, telling Wid what he thought about the fake wreckage at the time it was found? Whether or not Wid planted the wreckage, he might still want to keep Lapidus around close at hand and under surveilance for safe keeping. And after all, a pilot’s gotta fly, so Frank was probably glad to get his old job back whatever airlines it was with. :o)

      But why would Frank need a fake name? If Widmore’s got his back for whatever selfish reasons, he shouldn’t have much to worry about. Wid might be keeping Frank safe also, because he’s been to the island and has knowledge that Widmore needs. ???

    7. Klintron

      March 30, 2009 at 2:34 pm

      What puzzles me is that while Desmond had to go into hiding, Lapidus is walking around in public. It could mean, as Paul suggests that he’s working for Widmore – but wouldn’t Jack be suspicious?

    8. the original baz

      April 23, 2009 at 3:00 am

      It is easy to get entrenched in the finer details, however, taking a broader view, there can only be one conclusion. All of the characters are participating in a collective subconcious healing experiment. Reconcile your issues and you “die” or leave the island. The experiment is flawed and out of control.

      I hope the colossus is John Locke 🙂

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