1. We’ve always had the freedom to tell people what they don’t want to hear. …but sometimes it doesn’t work out so well afterwards.

  2. Liberty is also choosing to respond or not to “what we don’t want to hear.” Taking into consideration that there may be something we’re not “hearing” (or seeing or knowing about from the person we’re hearing it from) behind “what we don’t want to hear”, communication becomes a critical factor.

  3. The most profound of statements, well thought out and wise, loses all of its value when smeared on a wall of somebody else’s property.

  4. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

    February 26, 2009 at 7:25 am

    as property is theft no foul has been commited

  5. …..public domain…..

  6. @Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
    “as property is theft no foul has been commited”

    Well good sir, we will be sharing what you have then in short order. Pass it around if you please. All of it.

  7. all property is theft? you are an idiot.

  8. three cheers for capitalism! Woop! Woop! Woooo!


  10. Why argue, who cares where it’s been written? Freedom is the right to speak and fight for what we need and want, whether it’s what we want or do not want to hear, something else is to be said of unity, however. Unity is a freedom to band together. Why tear one another down instead of building one another up?

  11. I liked the look of that till you meantioned rights and i blanked out. Rights are a bunch of bullshit. So yay for liberty, boo to rights.

  12. Immediate response..it sure beats the usual graffiti!…and that’s all I have to say on it!

  13. “The most profound of statements, well thought out and wise, loses all of its value when smeared on a wall of somebody else’s property.”

    You’re a fucking idiot. Get a life.

  14. property isn’t theft.

    It is good for a person to enjoy the fruit of their labors under the sun. –the Bible

  15. “You’re a fucking idiot. Get a life.”

    I love how people harp on others in a review forum. No one ever comes here twice. I wont come back here to check the witty response to my comment. What’s the point in commenting on comments?

    I don’t understand why he wrote it on a wall. Nobody likes to hear people preech, it’d have packed more punch by repeating it to someone over and over.

  16. Russ from Brighton

    March 2, 2009 at 12:39 am

    It just goes to show, you can’t be too careful.

  17. But, liberty also means that if you do not conform, and choose to be odd, different, and say anti-social things, I get the liberty to tell you NO. No job, No agreement, and No condoning of your behavior.

  18. Reminds me immediately of China. I don’t consider myself a patriotic American, but reflecting on my rights as an American, I’d much rather live here than China.

  19. Obama is shady…! liar !!

  20. I am fully agreed with this new definition of liberty

  21. >It is good for a person to enjoy the fruit of
    >their labors under the sun. –the Bible



  23. NO. . . That would be freedom of speech, Liberty is the action of those who choose to, or not to, listen.

  24. In The United States you are free to speak providing you repeat the party jingoism, no one listens or you don’t come too close to the truth.

  25. liberty is losing several hundred lbs. by eating nothing but delicious subway sandwiches for a number of years. as a reminder, 5 dollar foot longs are still in effect. do it while you can.

  26. Lilbearlobo = American scholar!

    March 14, 2009 at 9:01 am

    I know Americans because they vote for morons like Neville Chamberlain! They must all be hippie shits who just want to pretend the real world doesn’t exist! Woo!

  27. perhaps a small addition to that statement:

    …freedom to tell people politely and gently…

  28. This is my tag line. Although I say “liberty” instead of “right”. But one should be aware that people do not like to hear the truth and the most common response is to hate, if not kill, the messenger. So if you are going to exercise that liberty, be prepared to be vilified.

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