14 news business models: which is the best one?

1. Public funds investigative journalism
2. Angel funding for investigative journalism
3. Government funds Journalism
4. A Non-profit Trust funds Journalism
5. Regular Donation Drives funds Journalism
6. Small, localized, Print on demand newspapers
7. Small, online only news teams
8. A mix of free papers for young people and special editions with analysis for an older crowd
9. Subsidize serious reporting with consumer service coverage
10. Subsidize serious reporting with non-intrusive business line extensions
11. Small Newsroom of Investigative reporters, brand name bloggers and community managers
12. Subscription based site plus free articles
13. iTunes type Pay for each article using micropayments
14. Newspapers consortiums join forces with distributors like Google or Yahoo

Full Story: Media Videa

(via Jay Rosen)

See also my article on new revenue sources for professional news media outlets

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