Recession Hacking Wiki

I’ve started a new wiki project: Recession Hacking.

From the intro:

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” Barack Obama said during his campaign. And yet, now that he’s elected most of us are waiting for a stimulus plan to save us.

The only problem: the stimulus plan sucks. There is no deus ex machina to save us from this deepening recession. It’s time to take what we have and start to rebuild the economy ourselves.

This wiki is dedicated to compiling tools, tactics, and strategies to both survive and thrive in these troubled times.

My hope to is help build a resource of information not just to save money, but information on creating economic prosperity for individuals and communities.

Also check out Recession Hacking blog and Unsummit – the folks I flat out stole the “recession hacking” meme from.


  1. A+ for using Dokuwiki.

    This shall be bookmarked and frequently visited…thanks!

  2. Excellent idea.
    I’ve been thinking people with little and those losing what little they have should pool resources and minds begin building industry and communities that are sustainable for them.
    Nice to see someone giving flesh and form to the idea instead of waiting for leadership to do it for us.

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