Reality Bleed-Through: Kaiser Permanente doing strange fertility experiments?

Cryptogon puts some rather strange pieces together regarding the birth of octuplets last month. Definitely take this with a grain of salt, and keep the concept of apophenia in mind. But if this is true, it’s something up there with the Dharma Initiative and Mittelos Bioscience.

Full Story: Cryptogon

Here is a summary via Above Top Secret:

-Suicide note ended with a Masonic code-phrase signifying “distress”
-The man worked for a company called Kaiser Permanente
, which includes masonic symbolism in its logo
-Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center was involved in a controversial recent multiple birth of eight kids (octuplets) to a single mother.
-Lupoe also had twins…nothing conclusive to say about this, really, but as the author at the link notes, “What are the odds that one company (Kaiser Permanente) would be involved with two profoundly freakish stories involving twins at the same time?”


  1. I’ve been trying to track down reputable, verifiable sources on Kaiser’s participation in Project Paperclip, but aside from Jim Keith and even less trustworthy sources than he, no such luck. Yet.

    Next I’ll drill down into some actual documents, because I know a couple of REALLY memorable Nazi doctors went to work for major US hospitals.

    Kaiser Permanente was way ahead of the curve: the original HMO.

    Oh, and speaking of reality bleed-through, why are there time jumps, white flashes leading to disappearances, and retrocausality plot-lines in Twin Peaks? I don’t remember any of that from when I first watched it.


    ^^Antipodes. I was wondering if Twin Peaks was on the other side of the Earth from wherever the Island “is”

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