Intermittens: a Journal of Discordian Bullshit

intermittens journal of discordian bullshit

Presenting Intermittens. Intermittens is a periodical journal of Discordian diarrhea – an incontinent splattering of juicy ideas and corny jokes. Originally produced by the irreverant spags of the Peedy cabal, Intermittens is an expanding attempt to document some of the antics going on today in the Discordian Society. Every issue has a different editor. All content (unless otherwise marked) is from / for the public domain.

This project is an attempt to create an open-source Discordian magazine. We encourage anyone, even you, to haphazardly throw together an issue of what you think is cool. The project itself is a Golden Apple Seed Mission, or GASM, meaning we want your help! We need people who have writing, graphic, and layout skillz. We also need people with the balls to edit their own issue of Intermittens and join the elite Editor Cabal. Do you have what it takes? No, you don’t; none of us do. That’s why we’re making DIY magazines and not professional ones. And that’s why we need more cooks to foul the broth.

Intermittens is being published on a (roughly) monthly schedule. If you’re interested in helping out, check in at and martyr yourself for the cause. In any case, we hope you dig it. And by all means, share. Send the PDFs on to people you know, people you love, people you hate, hamsters, and other creatures.

My friend Telarus, KSC designed the first issue. Seems like a fun project.

Intermittens: a Journal of Discordian Bullshit

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  1. Full disclosure: Prof. Cramulus was the editor of Issue 01, collected and edited all of the copy (text) and some of the images. I got involved when Cram put out the call to make this an open-source magazine.

    All of the content in Intermittens is either public domain or Kopyleft (including all of the graphics and layout bling I added… yaaaah internet).

    The whole magazine is Kopyleft as well. We encourage you to run copies off and leave them at coffeeshops, slip them onto magazine shelves, etc.

    Currently, we have 2 issues ‘finished’ (polished enough for an internet release), and have up to issue #7 in progress. Each issue has a theme that vaguely ties it all together. Please check out the forums (Think For Yourself sub-forum) for the threads collecting submissions, or to give us feedback. We hope to have 3 standard downloads for each issue: lo-res color graphics, high-res color graphics, and greyscale (for ease of printing).

    We also have a slightly crazy plan to get glossy color print copies out through a self-publishing magazine website. More details when this is available.

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