Ignite Portland 5 speakers announced

Legion of Tech announced the Ignite Portland 5 speakers. These sound amazing!

  • Isaac Potoczny-Jones – Open, Mobile, and Linux: A basic introduction to Android G1 development
  • Dr. Jayson Falkner – Science. It works, bitches. DNA Edition.
  • John Metta – How to creatively destroy pesky, non-moneymaking community efforts
  • A. L. Venable – Fashion! Music! Intrigue!: Why You Should Be Riding the Bus
  • Tara Horn – How to be a Refugee: Several not-so-easy steps from oppression to resettlement
  • J-P Voillequé – Not your grandma’s game: Why you should be playing bridge.
  • Russell Senior – Why Publicly Owned Fiber is the Answer to our Broadband Needs
  • Kate “The Great” Folsom – the basics of writing good shit that people enjoy reading
  • Chris Sullivan – Ham Radio: It’s not about talking to pork products (but we’re working on that)
  • Sarah Gilbert – Hacking life with kids, but without a car
  • Jerry Ketel – How to know if you are a Narcissist.
  • Selena Deckelmann – How to kill three chickens in three years
  • Pete Grillo – Omelettes: Winners and Losers
  • Full Story: Ignite Portland

    Technoccult is a proud sponsor of Ignite Portland.

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