Quick thought on last night’s episodes – the time machine and the Invisibles?

The thing that stuck out from last night’s episode for me was the opening sequence: it reminds me of the time machine project from the Invisibles. For the unfamiliar: in the Invisibles, there was an occult corporate conspiracy (headed up by an Asian scientist, natch) building a time machine with, IIRC, help from information being received from the future.

I’ve mentioned the consciousness time travel bit from The Invisibles before

To be honest, I never quite figured out the narrative of the Invisibles there at the end, but I get the impression it’s supposed to be a game of some sort. Ben and Widmore are apparently playing some sort of game. Hmm.


  1. Retrocausality is one of my favorite muses…recent events way too complicated and ephemeral to explain here have definitely got me wondering how much of an effect retrocausality has had on my personal development.

  2. In the very first scene of season five, is that our Lost asian lady in bed w/her american baby? Secondly, is she in bed w/the Dharma crazy guy that’s in the b&w videos? I re-watched it & he has on very similar clothes,etc. I’m dying to know if anyone else noticed this. I don’t have an Ipod or even know what a podcast is, so I’ll check back on this website to see if I get answers – thxs Lost fans.

    Also, I thought that Island people like Lost couldn’t die off of the island, so how did Locke die & how do they plan on bringing a dead guy pumped w/mortuary drugs back to life? time travel?
    thanks fellow Lost Fans

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